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My Story

Come take a trip back in time with us. Back to where it all started, back in 1976:

515 Waverly, known as Panorama

Come back with us to a time when Brooklyn ruled the black dance scene.

Where black, white, straight and gay, could gather together and vibe.

To a place where friends were made, families created, and careers launched.

Where now famous named Dj’s introduced themselves to the Brooklyn underground scene, such as John Moore ,Francois K; Naeem Johnson; Boyd Jarvis ,John Robinson; Larry Patterson; Tony Humphries; Ozcar Fuller; Kim Lightfoot and Romain Gow, just to name a few……

Where any given Thursday you could catch great live shows, such as: Instant funk. / Visual the music. Got me /, Evelyn Champagne King / Colonel Abrams ……

Where Willie Wall and John Moore created the Moore Classic Wall Music Group, that brought you such hits as:

I’m attracted to you, by Cookie Watkins, which debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard charts; Family Prayer ,You can’t hurt me, by Karen Powell; and countless others.

Willie and John have teamed up once again to bring you their latest contributions to the house music scene, their new label 515. Striving to evoke memories, and create new ones as they generate hits once again, stay tuned for all that their talents will bring to the house scene.

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